King & King

Firm History


King & King was organized in 1866 in Washington D.C. The nature of its practice at that time principally involved litigation against the United States arising out of government contracts entered into during the Civil War. The major portion of the firm's practice has continued throughout its history to involve claims and litigation arising out of contracts involving construction and engineer�ing. Throughout the 1900�s the firm�s attorneys represented contractors in disputes before various courts and administrative agencies at the federal, state and local levels, as well as before arbitration panels. The firm�s attorneys also counsel and actively assist clients in claim preparation, presentation and negotiation. If settlement is not possible, the firm is ready to proceed before a court of law or an administrative body.


The Beginning � 1866 to 1910


The firm, when first organized in 1866 bore the name of Sanborn & King. Its original partners were General John B. Sanborn and Charles King, both Minnesotans, who came to Washington, D.C. as part of their Civil War service. The nature of the firm�s practice involved the resolution of claims brought by private parties seeking compensation from the federal government for goods and services provided to the Union Army.

In 1880, when the legal work related to the Civil War had largely run its course, General Sanborn retired from the firm and returned to Minnesota. George A. King, the eldest son of Charles King entered the practice and the firm name was changed to Charles and George A. King. Charles retired in 1899 and the practice was continued by his two sons, under the firm name of George A. King and William B. King. In 1910, the firm�s name was simplified to King & King.


1910 to 1950

From its early years through the early 1950�s, the firm argued numerous construction contract cases before the United States Supreme Court. This was mostly due to the fact that through this period, cases appealed from the United States Court of Claims had to be appealed directly to the United States Supreme Court. Some landmark construction law cases argued by King & King attorneys include:�



Hollerbach v. United States, 233 U.S. 165 (1914)

Christie v. United States, 237 U.S. 234 (1915)

MaCarthur Brothers Company v. United States, 258 U.S. 6 (1922)

United States v. Mason & Hanger Company, 260 U.S. 323 (1922)

United States v. Wunderlich Company, 342 U.S. 98 (1951)


1950 to 1998


In 1958, the firm was comprised of three partners and three associates: partners John Gaskins, Fred W. Shields, Thomas M. Gittings, Jr. and associates John A. McWhorter, Jr., Sommers T. Brown and Paul E. McNulty. Its offices were located at 1620 Eye Street, Washington, D.C.

In 1973 King & King, Chartered was formed, a Washington, D.C. Professional Corporation. Most recently, the Washington, D.C. office of King & King, Charted has been headed by Christopher McNulty, Esq.


Present Time


In 1998, Mr. McNulty and Peter Kutil, Esq. established King & King LLP, a New York Limited Liability Partnership. In the late 1980�s Mr. McNulty and Mr. Kutil jointly represented parties litigating the disputes arising from the construction of the Times Square Hotel, a/k/a Marriott Marquis Hotel, in New York City.

Today, King & King LLP is established in the New York City metropolitan area. Presently, the firm is composed of Peter Kutil, Esq.